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Bracelets and B cells

I saw this article in the New York Times on Thursday.  (An actual paper copy of the Times!  So 20th century!)  Honestly, it’s a little sad that hospitals are having trouble dealing with something so basic.  Just standardize colors across the City, and move on to more important topics, like getting people to wash their hands.

Still not a fan of immunology.  I even tried making a Flow Chart of Death, just to get a big picture idea of what, exactly, happens when a microbe weasels its way past your epithelia.  (Answer: Lots of things.)  But hey, you know, at least it’s not anatomy.

Random trivia: Did you know that Legionnaire’s disease is only about 30 years old?  So says Wiki, anyway.  Apparently it was named for an outbreak at an American Legion Conference in Philly.  If you ever get that question on Jeopardy, just remember: you heard it here first!