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Study space

Finding a good place to study has becoming more and more of an issue of late, as Krazy Konstruction Workers of NYC have led a largely successful coup d’état on the medical school library.  So I’m sitting in the library of the education school at the undergrad campus; every time I come here, I am awed by the sheer luxury of the place.  In addition to the usual long tables and ergonomic highback chairs, there are about a dozen armchairs with granite-inlaid occasional tables.  Cherry wood bookcases.  Twenty foot ceilings.  One of the other floors has nothing BUT armchairs, each of which has a cupholder and moveable desk.

Whichever alum paid for all this: send me an email with your bank account information.  I know a Nigerian prince in desperate need of some petty cash.  You will be handsomely rewarded!!!111!

(And by Nigerian prince, I mean, of course, starving med student.  Same thing, right?)

This envy-fest brought to you by utter boredom with pharmacology.