Step 1 Plan

I’m taking the evil exam on June 11, 2009.  All the wise and wonderful third-years say it’s best to make a study plan and stick to it, so I’m going to publish mine here, with updates, as a way of keeping myself on track.

Here’s the calendar.

Books I’m using:

  • First Aid 2008.  This is the bible of Step 1. Half my study group has the 2009 edition, which includes topics that 2008 doesn’t even mention. Must be a conspiracy!  Where’s my tinfoil hat?
  • BRS Path and Phys, also known as the Redbook and the Bluebook.  I’m adding bits from Robbins and Costanzo and classnotes.  The 4th edition of the Redbook is in color, which is essential.
  • Clinical Micro.  OK, I love this book.  I used it during the microbiology course, and the goofy pictures are pretty much perfect.
  • Microcards. Also used during the microbio course. Way more sparse, but more review-like.
  • Rapid Review Biochem.  My school doesn’t teach biochem, so this is my one and only introduction to the subject.  It’s very … green.
  • Lippincott’s Pharmacology. Again, I used this during the course.  It’s kind of text-heavy, but the diagrams are great.
  • Pharmcards, which I don’t like as much as Microcards.  They are good for commercial breaks during House, but that’s about it.
  • High-Yield Neuroanatomy, only because FA’s neuro section is very barebones and I found it mad cheap online.

For other subjects, I’m going to use the med school library’s reading room and make notes into FA.  The idea being that by the time May rolls around, everything of importance will be in First Aid, and the other books will be for reference.

Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Step 1 Plan

  1. Your school…is since it didn’t have you take biochem…why I wonder.

    CMS (my school) doesn’t have a genetics teacher, so they hire someone to come teach for 4 weeks from a different school…

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