A Case of the Mondays

“How are you?”

“Good, how are you?”


What a lie, what a bloody lie. I was very much not good this morning. I was very much not good all weekend, because a terrorist organization descended on the place I love beyond words, beat a group of unarmed college students, doused a woman in a wheelchair in kerosene and tried to light her on fire, drove a car onto a pedestrian plaza killing one injuring nineteen, drove around shooting at random people on the street, and beat a man with metal poles in a parking garage. The police did nothing. Well, that’s not quite true, when someone spit on the organizer of this hate-filled weekend the next day, the police were promptly on the scene, arresting the spitter and scurrying the Klansman to safety.

And the one person to whom I gave a truthful answer as to how was my weekend? That I spent it watching second-hand as my friends witnessed bloodshed and horror? Well, her weekend was tough too because her daughter’s soccer coach made them practice in the rain.

Boo hoo hoo.

I once said that I was not going to be political on this blog. Well, the time for silence is over.


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