Conferencing is hard

I just got back from two major conferences, the 2017 American Academy of Neurology meeting in Boston and the 2017 Movement Disorders Society congress in Vancouver. They weren’t back to back, but even just 6 weeks apart felt too close. All my post-AAN time was spent finalizing the poster for MDS (and stressing about whether my passport would arrive).

In terms of networking… I continue to be not great at this. AAN was a little better in that it was more interactive, and I felt more comfortable going up to speakers after their talk. AAN also has a very strong focus on mentorship and career development — this year, like last, I mostly went to career development and research methodology talks, rather than content-based talks on movement disorders, and made some good connections including some folks on committees.

MDS, on the other hand, was very lecture-driven, and very basic science heavy. Day 1 was 8 hours of lecture! It was like being back in school. My co-fellows and I peaced at 6pm (9pm Eastern time!) in favor of beers. Days 2-5 were similar; although there was plenty of clinical content (eg management of non motor symptoms in PD), the plenaries were heavy on immunofluoresence stains. I can’t pay attention with that stuff. And for some reason, slides and syllabi were not available, which meant that most of the plenaries were full of people taking pictures of slides on their phones, which is incredibly distracting in a dark theater!

The things I really liked about MDS were Grand Rounds (expert clinicians examining actual patients; a bit rushed and artificial but nice to see a few different exam techniques), Video Rounds (individuals submit cases for review, which are then discussed by a panel of experts and MC’ed by Tony Lang and Kapil Sethi who are hilarious), and the MDS Pavilion (small TED talk style presentations about topics like “How to write a winning journal article” and “How to get engaged with the Society.” There was also a Young Members Reception which was great, and a Young Members Lunch.

And then, you know, I got to look at this view every morning:


So all in all, not a bad time. Next year in Hong Kong!


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