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RIP Hans

I learned the other day that Hans Rosling, Swedish public health professor, died earlier this month of cancer.

I was walking down the street minding my own business, and I was so shocked by this that I stood stock still in the middle of Hamilton St listening to the rest of the podcast (BBC’s More or Less, if you are a fellow podcast fiend).

I never met Dr. Rosling, but everything I learned about global health in medical school, I learned from his videos on YouTube. (I think this says quite a lot about the quality of the global health curriculum at my school….) Yes, his presentations always had snazzy graphics, but his most important points were sound — that the data tells a story, and that the story challenges our preconceived notions about structural inequalities in wealth, health, and life.

Much of his work and legacy live on at Gapminder.org, but the world will miss you, Hans.


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