Post-boards brain dump

Without getting into too many exam-related (and score-voiding) specifics….

That test was … weird. I’ve taken a LOT of medically-oriented standardized tests in the last decade: the MCAT, monthly shelf exams, USMLE Steps 1, 2CS, 2CK, 3, yearly RITE x3. So therefore, I’ve come to expect a certain level of difficulty, a level of uniformity, to the questions at any given test level.

Not on the certification exam! Questions ranged from premed level (what is the rate limiting step in this enzyme pathway I learned in college biochemistry) to incredibly esoteric (what is the best drug to prescribe this rare condition? Five answer choices I’ve never heard of.) Some questions had incredibly limited information, such that every answer choice was correct. Who writes these things, anyway? Probably the same attendings who love to pimp on rounds. There was actually very little on the test that was relevant to clinical practice. Again, having taken so many of these tests over the years, that’s not a surprise.

There were also video vignettes, which I was not really expecting, but were not difficult. As a movement fellow, videos are my bread and butter! They were mostly just patients relating their history. So people reading this before taking the neurology boards in the future: watch some videos!

Now, to promptly dump all those factoids out of my brain for the next ten years. It’s a beautiful weekend! I plan to be outdoors as much as possible.

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