I’m sitting here in the A terminal of Dulles Airport, putting my feet up during a rare moment of rest in the last couple weeks.


On April 8, I disconnected my Comcast connection (hooray), loaded my bags up, and drove away from home. No worries, folks, this wasn’t some manic spree, but rather, a well-calculated, if somewhat foolhardy, trip to the Pacific Northwest and Vancouver (Canada’s Pacific Southwest, maybe?), then on to la France for an away rotation.


The PNW was amazing. I hadn’t spent any time in that corner of the country, except for an interview at OHSU which was just Portland, and pretty in-and-out at that. This time, I had a whole week! Met up with my friend L in Portland and we had many adventures, including riding bikes down stairs in Portland (map reading skills), discovering the concept of an ice cream flight, which, omg, best concept ever!, hiking through muddy terrain to the most gorgeous waterfall I’ve ever seen, getting my first speeding ticket at the ripe old age of 30, and eating an expensive seafood dinner at the sort of place where the waiter puts the napkin on your lap. Personally I’ve always preferred hole in the wall digs (the more literal the better) but no denying that the food was excellent.



We also went to the AAN conference in Vancouver, while we were up there. Really good stuff, although somewhat overwhelming. I mostly went to clinician educator talks and career planning things, which means I know very little about movement disorders right now, but hey, that’s what fellowship is for, right.


And now, on to Grenoble, to study and work for a month with the neurosciences center there. What an amazing opportunity — one of my attendings knows someone there, and we just … Set it up. Remarkably easy. I’ve been to Paris once, and the rest of France never, despite taking French for a decade and at one point being fluent. My circadian rhythm is going to be all screwed up, but my brain’s gonna love it.


A bientôt, mes amis!

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