Rain = baking!

I had a golden weekend, but because it’s been the wettest summer on record, the Gods of Rain once again ruined my plans to go hiking.

Not that I’m complaining, mind, because I used the opportunity to make some wondrous messes in the kitchen.

First: a shooter sandwich (aka a down-home panino)

Really, I made this in anticipation of said hike; a shooter is delicious, nutritious, and energy-licious — exactly what you need on a long climb up a mountain. It’s easy too: just take a boule of fresh country bread (I used sourdough from my local market), scoop out the insides to make a bread bowl, fill it with whatever floats your boat (most recipes online use a whole steak, which, no; I opted for ground turkey seasoned with a southwestern spice mix and a onion-mushroom blend).

And then you wrap the whole thing in foil, and you squish it.

First time I’ve touched Harrison’s since medical school!

Then today, I woke up and it was gross and rainy, and I went back to bed. Several hours later, I actually dragged myself to the kitchen to make coffee as well as a watermelon lemonade, because it’s summer dammit!

$2 at the farmer’s market!

This one is easy too: you chop your watermelon into chunks, de-seed as best you can, puree the hell out of it, to make 2 cups of watermelon juice. To this, you add 1 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup of simple syrup (more or less), and 3 cups of cold water. Stick it in the fridge and enjoy! Seriously, when I took it out to have with lunch (see shooter sandwich, above), I actually said out loud, “This is the best drink I have ever had.” I might be making more, you guys.

And lastly, a fig cheesecake, for a dinner party tomorrow.


I didn’t take an after-baking picture, but the fig skins bled purple, which looks lovely against the custardy yellow of the cheesecake.

Also, this was the first time I’ve ever had fresh figs, and omg they are amazing. Nothing at all like their gritty grainy dried counterparts. This could be an expensive habit to maintain….

So, the end, guys. I’m gonna go have dinner, a quarter shooter sandwich, washed down with watermelon lemonade, while I longingly eye that fig cheesecake and wish I’d had the foresight to make extras in ramekins.


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