Starry nights

I’m still on this never ending MICU rotation and counting down the days until my hard-won vacation. It’s hell, and the best I can say is I’m glad I’m getting it out of the way early, because I would not want to do this at the end of intern year. Or, indeed, ever again.

One moment of beauty, though, when I left my apartment at 5:20 AM and walked across the parking lot to my car, and stopped, agape, at the river of stars above me. Not only Orion (a familiar friend), but the Pleiades and Pegasus and the Great and Little Bears. It has been a long, long time since I’ve seen stars like that — all the five years I lived in New York — and that almost made it ok. I mean, it was still far too early and I would still rather be in bed, but the clarity of those stars was beyond words.

It’s a silly Wordsworthian notion, but I do love the stars and the woods and the dustless air (I haven’t had to wipe down my windowsills once in the three months I’ve been here!) and in spite of my current mental and physical exhaustion, I’m so, so happy to be living where I am. I just need a day off, just one so I can go hiking with my buddies and sit atop a mountain with chutney sandwiches and a thermos of lemonade and watch the clouds dapple the woods below.


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