Migraines and seizures and strokes, oh my!

I’m about halfway through a week of neurology night float … and lovin’ it!

Together with my upper-level, a PGY-3, I man the neuro floor, fielding pages about Mr. Shifflett’s bowel movements and Ms. Zarnacki’s blood pressure. I’m a textpage ninja! We also see consults down in the ED, which are variable and mostly send-outs. As the intern, I take more of a backseat there, but it’s nevertheless good learning to see neuro exam techniques over and over.

Honestly, though, nights are pretty rocking. It can get busy at times, but I love that the residents’ workroom is quiet, no hunt for computers, no running around to conferences, no social work issues.

In summary, wow, I’m getting insufferable with this whole “residency is awesome” business. Don’t worry, I’m sure the crash will come soon enough… I’ve got 5 weeks of MICU next, with no cap, which is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the boldest interns.


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