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You have chest pain? Maybe you should see a doctor….

Ok, the weirdest thing about being a doctor is that when you say things or write things down, people actually do them!

The other day, I saw this surgical patient, looked up some antibiotic recs on UpToDate (Wikipedia for docs!), and put that in my note. Marked it as incomplete until I could go talk to my fellow.

By the time I presented him and we discussed the case, about 15 minutes later, the NP had already switched antibiotic coverage to my recs. Uh, what? You seem to think I actually know something. Same thing goes with orders; I’m pretty much terrified to actually sign any orders because … a nurse will do them! This is very very different from med school, when order writing was an exercise in futility (it took longer for the residents to cosign our orders than it did for them to write them from scratch)

I’m covering the CCU tomorrow and Saturday night, and I just hope for three things: (1) no one has a heart attack within a 500 mile radius of this hospital; (2) my resident is nice; (3) he prevents me from killing anyone. Fingers crossed!

In happier news, my attending said today that I do great presentations and have a natural gift for ID, and half-jokingly tried to get me to switch into medicine. I think she just likes that I’m obsessively detail-oriented and will follow up that blood culture like it’s life or death — and often it is! (Sepsis: unfun!) Still, it’s really great to hear some positive feedback.


One thought on “You have chest pain? Maybe you should see a doctor….

  1. Eek! That sounds terrifying. Good luck! I’m glad I found your blog — it’s well-written and interesting and it’s gives me a little peek into my own future 🙂

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