PGY-1 · residency

Thus begins it

First day of work today! Well, first day of orientation… which basically meant listening to people talk about patient safety and benefits and organ donation and breaking bad news. Not the most thrilling thing in the world.

And yet. I got there early on purpose because I wanted to walk around my old stomping grounds a bit. (For residency, you see, I am returning to my alma mater, mother of my soul, home.) A lot of construction going on, and a few new buildings. I got all turned around trying to find my way back to my car this evening!

But in spite of all the superficial changes, and some of them are pretty major, I felt such great joy and belongingness. I haven’t been this happy, truly happy, in … well, I can’t remember. I never felt comfortable in New York, always on edge, always irritable, always trying to push my way through a crowd that pushed back. Whereas here, I don’t even have the words for it. I just belong here. I want never to leave.

There will still be long nights and early mornings, patients dying on me, attendings and senior residents and nurses annoyed because I didn’t fill out some paperwork. That’s just the life of an intern. But to be in a city that I love, in a program that feels chill and supportive (verified by a couple of people who were med students here and know the real deal), that’s huge.

So bring it, residency.


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