The Lady or the Tiger?

After a full week of agonizing over my rank list, I sucked it up this afternoon and just put something in. Anything. I barely care any more. (No, that’s not true. I just have a headache.) And then promptly got down to the Very Important Business of reading Wikipedia. Did you know that Mayfair was named for an annual festival held there from 1686 until 1764 when the residents felt it was too lowbrow for them? Gentrification: your ticket to snobbery for more than two hundred years!

I am thoroughly annoyed at this process. Especially the post-interview contact, which by rights ought to be banned. It didn’t really sway my list, and it was pleasant to hear from PDs at programs I was interested in, but at the end of the day it made everything much harder. I like X! I like Y!

Compounded to that is the fact that I have no good advisor to turn to. This is the fault of my school and the general lack of trust between administration and students. For instance, my “confidential” advisor (whom I chose because she was supposedly not on the interview committee) was one of my interviewers.

I’m sure everything will work out as it should, but right now, I’m stressed and frustrated and don’t want to think about it.


5 thoughts on “The Lady or the Tiger?

  1. I absolutely feel your pain. I did too many interviews, and only really truly liked two programs. A lot of the programs told us that we were NOT going to hear from us after interview day, so here I am, ruminating about my interviews and agonizing about whether or not they liked me. Sigh. It’s such a stupid process. They should make post-interview communications a violation of the match process, that way at least we don’t buy into the whole “we like you!” lies that they tell to everyone… (but it sure feels nice to hear back from them, doesn’t it?).

    1. Yeah, it sucks. Massively. I specially don’t like being told things like “don’t trust anything a PD says, ever” because … isn’t that person going to be effectively your boss for the next 3 to 7 years? And you start off by thinking they are lying through their teeth? And yet I know, from talking to people in last year’s Match, how much lying (or at least overstating interest) there is. On both sides.

      A good friend is applying in a specialty where they have banned all post-match communication (including thank you notes) and I think that’s the way to go. Difficult to enforce, though. It’s good, that those programs told you upfront that they weren’t going to contact you — I respect a program a lot when it does that and actually means it. Though I completely understand the seventh-grade “Loves me, loves me not” fear.

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