(12:18:54 AM) Me: i had post dinner coffee
(12:18:56 AM) Jessica: uh no
(12:18:59 AM) Jessica: nooooooooooo
(12:18:59 AM) Me: and am so freaking wired
(12:19:02 AM) Me: i know
(12:19:03 AM) Me: it was dumb
(12:19:07 AM) Jessica: poor life choice


I’ve now gone on six residency interviews, and have two more coming up this week. Luckily mine are spaced out enough that I’m not exhausted (yet), but my enthusiasm is starting to flag a little. There are only so many times you can hear “Do you have any questions for me?” before you collapse into the mental version of the fetal position, moaning incomprehensibly about research opportunities and career mentoring. 

The best part, by far, has been the pre-interview dinner. That’s the real way to get a sense of the program — are the residents cool? Do I like hanging out with them? Because the interview day presentations are essentially the same — I’m not neurotic enough to get hung up on q4 vs q5 call. My favorite residents so far come from a less well known program, but I might have to do a second look there, just to be sure… more expense! Sure why not; four years is an awfully long time to live in the wrong place.

In semi-related news, I just finished Paul Harding’s Tinkers, which really deserves its own review post, but the spoiler alert is that you should go read it. I don’t care how you acquire it — Amazon, local bookstore, library, or theft (well, ok, I don’t really condone that last one) — but this is one of the few recent novels that actually exceeds the hype. And its only about 150 chapbook pages. No excuses. Go!

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