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Confessions of a Clinical Ethics Weakling

I’ve been looking around from some decent readings on medical ethics. I took a course in college, which was taught by a lawyer and therefore had a totally non-clinical spin. It’s dry and academic and abstract, completely ignores any discussion of the relationship between patient and physician, which grounds any ethical discussion. Was flipping through the text the other day, to help me think through a challenging case we have on service, and I realized how utterly inadequate my understanding and ability to reason through ethics is.

So how ’bout it? Any suggestions for clinically-oriented, practical ethics* readings?

*An oxymoron?


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Clinical Ethics Weakling

  1. I enjoyed Gert, Culver, Clouser Bioethics: A Systematic Approach.

    Some clinically-oriented content, but I think their ethical framework is simple enough that it can be easily applied.

    Worth reading a chapter on google books or amazon first, also can be Kindle’d (is that a verb yet?)

    The alternative is Beauchamp and Childress, Principles of Bioethics

    Enjoy! Keep Blogging!


    1. Thanks! Beauchamp and Childress is actually the book I was referring to — it’s quite a tome, but it’s lacking in clinical context. I was particularly disturbed by the way they reasoned through therapeutic abortion, without any acknowledgement of basic medical facts, or even the concept of “who is your patient?”

      I might check out the other, though.

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