It occurred to me, about halfway through last night’s graduation/alumni gala dinner dance (a mouthful, in both senses of the word!), around the time the live band started singing Edelweiss, that it’s actually ending.

There is a sizable chunk of people staying here for residency, but some of my closest friends are moving very far away. And I’m excited for them, because they are going to be where they wanted, but I’m also incredibly, incredibly sad that I might not see them again. Even the ones who will be here will be interns, and we all know how much free time interns have.

I’ve never felt this sad about a graduation before. Maybe because previously, I was graduating too, and so whatever sense of loss I felt was always tempered with anticipation about the next stage in my own life.

Also, I realized during med school (particularly third year) just how terrible I am at keeping in touch with people. I tend to send random emails, in spurts, and then disappear for months at a time. This is not appropriate for real-world friendships, I know.  So that’s something I am working on, but realistically? There’s a very good chance that I may not see my friends again. Certainly not nearly every day, as I have since 2007.

I said to the dean last night that 2011 will always be “my” class, which is I think how every year-off-er feels. There was a sizable contingent of research people, MPH people, etc, there last night.  I’ve said to premeds that the most important thing in picking a school is your classmates. Frankly, I’m a little terrified of the class I will be joining, come June, whereas the class of 2011 — my “real” class — is kind of amazing. Last night brought up a lot of memories, as these things tend to do, and it’s been such a fantastic, intense four years with them that I really, really don’t want it to end.


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