narrative medicine

I was away for Supernight and Match Day this year, because of “family stuff.”  I thought it wasn’t a big deal for me — after all, I’m not matching till next year — but looking through the pictures from Supernight, and talking to all my friends just post-Match … well, I started really regretting missing the big day.  Med school graduation is an afterthought; the real celebration is the Match. And I feel lonely, not being able to celebrate with my friends. It reminded me a little of something C said about a friend’s wedding he couldn’t attend: it doesn’t feel real without the ceremony.*

Self-pity aside…

Every time I go back to Virginia, I realize anew just how much I miss it. I went for a walk the other day and was astonished to see how huge and blue the sky is. There is no sky to speak of in New York, just a little sliver of gray to glimpse between buildings. Whereas here, the sky has depth. And stars.

* Technically, I’m graduating from my Master’s this year. But then going straight back to med school. So I haven’t decided yet whether I want to participate in the actual ceremony….


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