narrative medicine

Live from Portwenn

I recently discovered Doc Martin, a British TV show about a brilliant-but-grumpy vascular surgeon from London who suddenly has to take a job as GP to a small Cornish village.  He immediately upends their cozy notions about the clinic (“surgery,” they say in Britain; these Britons are crazy!) — apparently the previous doctor served tea in the waiting room and was pretty lax about prescriptions — and the villagers resist his big-city evidence-based medicine.  It’s like House, only much, much better.

Aside from the quality writing and acting, I really appreciate the realistic approach to medicine.  It’s not a medical mystery show, exactly, but the cases that do come up are plausible.  You can diagnose as you watch!  Best of all, you won’t see an intensivist performing brain surgery.  (I’m looking at you, Chase.)

The pilot is here and all of Season Two and Three are on Hulu.  As for Season One, well, that’s what the internets are for!


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