MS-4 · neuro

Fake doctor

I started my sub-internship in neurology on July 1.  Halfway through the month, and I don’t want it to end.  The great thing about being a sub-i is that you actually become part of the team, rather than floating peripherally on the edge.  I get to manage my patients pretty much independently — everything gets signed up the senior resident, but by and large I run the show for my 2-3 patients.

This really hit home the other day when I got paged. “Your patient is in the MRI scanner and moving around a lot; what can we do?”

“No problem; she has a PRN Ativan order, so give her 1 mg.”

I hung up the phone and continued typing my admission note, and the third year next to me was like, “Whoa, how did you know what to do?”

I think that’s when I realized that somehow or other, I actually did learn something last year. I still have a long, long way to go, but even if I can’t save someone’s life on the train, at least I can knock ’em out with Ativan!

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