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Tinfoil hat

The new Crestor label says it may be prescribed for apparently healthy people if they are older — men 50 and over and women 60 and over — and have one risk factor like smoking or high blood pressure, in addition to elevated inflammation in the body…. An F.D.A. advisory committee had voted 12-4 in favor of expanding the usage in December.

-Risks Seen in Wider Use of Statins Like Crestor –

AstraZeneca must be rubbing their collective hands in glee right now.

My concern is that this will guide the standard of care (and thus reimbursement, malpractice, and all that good stuff) and that people with neither signs nor symptoms of hyperlipidemia will be labeled and prescribed a drug with a pretty significant risk of muscle breakdown, liver enzyme abnormalities, and Type II diabetes.  Don’t get me wrong, statins are great drugs, but they are not appropriate in the water supply.


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