Willful modulation of brain activity in PVS

This article is intriguing.  Granted, only one of fifty-four patients could answer yes-no questions under fMRI, which is as good a definition of awareness as any. Will this become standard of care when assessing for consciousness?  The bioethical implications are enormous; I’m surprised I didn’t see this all over the New York Times.  I guess the Terri Schiavo debacle is so 2005.

I saw a decerebrate patient in the neuro ICU the other day.  She looked asleep among all the bells and whistles of the ICU room, except that her arms were stiffly extended and her wrists curled into what looked like the waiter’s tip.  Her mouth was hanging open.

I really feel like I wasted my neurology rotation.  It was July, I was fresh on the wards, I had no idea what was going on.  It seemed overwhelming, and so I concentrated on the little things, like “How do I write a note?” instead of actually learning neurology.  Can’t wait for my sub-i.


One thought on “Willful modulation of brain activity in PVS

  1. off-white coat
    your blog is really wierd but really entertaining
    entertaining is the most important thing – i’ll recommend it to my students
    you may be interested in my blog – it tries to explain the science behind bedside medicine-
    but its fabulous that you continue to write
    stay cool and carry on

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