Today is my first day off since January 3! I have one more day off, Saturday the 23rd. This is a difficult month.

Call this month is q3, which means every day I am either on call (admitting a patient from the ER), post-call (picking up a night-float admisson), or pre-call (blessedly sweet day when I can leave the hospital by 6 PM. Usually.) I usually get assigned my new patient before attending rounds at 9:30 AM; the rest of the day is spent in rounds and lectures, and usually by the time I get down to the ED it’s mid-afternoon. As usual it is chaos down there; my last patient was in a stretcher in the hallway; privacy is a joke.

I should probably enjoy the freedom of today, but I am still exhausted despite 13 hours of sleep. Maybe I’ll just crawl back into bed….


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