Luddite wonderland

Appendicitis? We have an app for that.

Not going to lie, I really do want an iPhone.  Or rather, an iPod Touch.  I like the interface way better than a Blackberry, and I love ePocrates (especially when the patient says, “I don’t remember the name of my pills.  It’s the red one.  You know?”)  If they weren’t nearly so expensive…. Some residency programs are giving them out for free, you know!

I’m also kind of coming around to the idea of a Kindle.  I love the smell and feel of real books, but there’s something appealing about having your entire library with you, for whatever mood you’re in.  Probably more useful on long bus trips than short subway rides, but still.


One thought on “Luddite wonderland

  1. I got an iPod Touch for my bday in August and love it! I have to get monthly infusions for my RA and when I go, I listen to music, read a book or listen to an audio book. They are WELL worth the investment.

    I’m also wanting a Kindle as well, acutally it’s a tie between the Barnes & Noble “Nook,” (which they underproduced and won’t be available until Jan.) and the Kindle. I love the feel of books and love to collect them, but something that is lightweight and I can have at the touch of my fingertips, anywhere, is amazing…what’s sad is I work in a public library (which I hope to leave for a career in medicine) and have access to all the books I want…but I want to give that up for an “e-device!”

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