MS-3 · OB


Third year is really starting to get to me.  I’m tired all the time.  I am irritable and snappish. My diet consists of the following: bagels with cream cheese, coffee, and red velvet cake.  My first week, I worked 98 hours in 7 days (I don’t get a single weekend off this month), excluding studying and reading up at home; stopped counting after that.  I don’t mind the long hours in themselves — I probably worked almost as much on neurology — but on this rotation, the patients don’t want students, the attendings don’t want students, the residents tolerate students only as scutmonkeys.

Mid-point feedback was a couple of days ago, but I heeded the advice of upperclassmen who told me that the course director wants ego-stroking, not feedback.  So I put on my biggest, fakest smile and said “Oh, yes, Dr. R., I’m having a great time on this rotation.  It’s challenging but everyone’s so interested in teaching and I’ve learned a lot, especially in clinic.”

I felt dirty but showered afterwards and ate more red velvet cake.


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