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Of subways and sutures

I was reading my urology textbook on my subway commute yesterday, and I suddenly realized that the person sitting next to me — a 12ish year old boy — was staring in horror at the figure entitled “Circumcision of the Adult Male.”  Poor kid.  I should probably stick to 19th century novels for my subway fare.

Awkward moments with strangers aside, I’m really loving this rotation so far.  My chief resident is superb — she encourages me to see clinic patients solo, she insists that I scrub into every non-scope surgery, and today when I asked her for recommendations on practicing suturing, she said, “Here, let’s change places,” handed me the needle driver and the toothed forceps, and walked me through everything with infinite patience.  She even let me close with the staple gun!

Another med student rite of passage over!  Before you know it, I’ll be graduating with Actual Skills under my belt!


2 thoughts on “Of subways and sutures

  1. LOL Steve!

    so which medschool you at? I am in London. If you catch them right, consulatants will let you into most surgeries, and will let you do stuff if you convince them you’re not a tool. How is it in the states?

    Great blog btw.

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