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Kaplan just sent me an email entitled STEP 1 LECTURE.  Thankfully, GMail dumped it straight into spam. 🙂

The more I think about this rotation, the less I like it.  I don’t like the ad hoc nature of it, and though everyone’s been welcoming and friendly, I’m just not a surgeon. Part of the issue, I think, is that students are not really part of the team.  We watch surgeries (whenever we feel like), we attend clinic (whenever we feel like). But we can arrive when we want, leave when we want. I think it’s nice that we get to set our own schedules, but I miss patient care. In this field, it’s not so much “my patient” as “my rotator cuff repair.”


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  1. I’m 29 and want to become an MD. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis, one of the things that I LOVE about my hand surgeon is that she takes the time to talk to you and get to know you, treat you like a person. She’s also very encouraging of my wanting to go to med school and on top of that, she’s an excellent surgeon! I wish you could work with her and see what I experience.

    1. It’s heartening to hear that you have such a great surgeon. I’ve worked with a few in the past, but on this rotation, unfortunately, we’re not getting any sense of the pre-op and post-op care that really defines that relationship.

  2. My pre and post op care was great on both occasions, except on this last occasion I had nurse who was in such awe that I was young and had RA she basically wrote me a prescription for a wheelchair. She basically told me my life was over since I have RA. Since my life was in her hands, I kept what I wanted to say to myself b.c I could have easily hurt her feelings! I got the impression that she was quite the pessimistic person b.c her cohorts were awesome. I’m beginning to see from my experiences as a surgical patient that having that personable pre and post op care makes all the difference and makes the experience less nerve wracking. Especially when everyone cracks jokes, it makes for a jovial atmosphere! If my hands keep working as well as they do w. all my care, I’ve been thinking about hand surgery, but I love pathology, so I’ll need to decide one day.

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