MS-3 · surgery

White-wash this fence

So surgeries are actually kind of fun!  Today I saw bilateral total knee replacements and the first half of a bilateral hip replacement surgery, and — to my surprise and credit — didn’t pass out.

Thoughts on the OR:

-Whoever invented scrubbing procedure was clearly OCD.  (Yes, yes, I know, it is super-important to prevent infection, but 400 strokes per hand/forearm seems … excessive.)

-Once you are scrubbed in, the world is divided into two parts.  Sterile, i.e. draped in blue; and FILTHY DISEASE-RIDDEN GARBAGE.  The hardest thing to remember is that you are only sterile between shoulders and knees. Which means that when bone fragments and blood splatter on your glasses, you can’t clean them; you just keep going.

-Suturing is sewing.  I don’t quite understand knots, though.

-It’s really, really weird to be operating on someone you’ve never met. (I know the attending’s met her, of course.) There’s also no post-op follow-up, from the med student’s perspective.

-Orthopods really are jocks.  They are also pretty funny guys.  And they were cool about teaching.


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