MS-3 · neuro

My first day

This was long and exhausting and chaotic and a million times better than sitting in lecture.

7:00 — Alarm. Breakfast, shower, stuff the pockets of my white coat.  By the time I’m done, it weighs 5 pounds.

8:00 — Leave apartment, run into C. on the way over to the Neurological Institute.

8:30 — Orientation in the NI library with Dr. N, the course director.  He is young and enthusiastic and wears hipster glasses.  Turns out we do have to do a book report after all.  Boo.

9:30 — Go to the neuro floor, where the ward clerk very kindly pages our resident for us.

9:45 — While waiting, V. and I go looking for batteries for our pagers.  As we wander through the hall, V. comments, “And this is us being confused,” and I reply, “I knew it would happen sometime.”  At this, a woman in a long white coat turns around and says, “Be with you in a minute, ladies.”

10:00 — Turns out the woman in the long white coat is our resident.  Shit.

10:30 — Teaching session with the attending physician.  We go to see a patient, who is very cool about having 10 med students in the room watching him try to get out of a chair unassisted.

11:15 — Teaching session with the senior resident, who goes through the neurological exam with us.

12:00 — Noon conference on neuro-opthalmology.  Cool attending.  We practice blinding each other.  Chinese smorgasbord provided.

1:30 — My junior resident asks me if I want to watch my patient’s angio.  Hell yes!

2:00 — I finally find the angio suite; everyone is really cool, and the neuro-radiology attending actually takes the time to go through the images with me.

2:30 — Back up to the floor to actually meet my patient, who turns out to be a sweet older man.

3:00 — I finish up with my patient and learn, via text message from E, that the stroke fellow has started an impromptu teaching session.  Dash back to the residents’ lounge.  Faux pas of arriving late and then getting all flustered at the pimping that ensues.  At one point, I just totally blank and look like an idiot.

4:00 — Senior resident returns from clinic to teach us how to do a SOAP note and neuro-specific admission note.  Very helpful.  We med students devise a call schedule, q5.  (This means that every 5th night, I’m staying in the hospital until about 11 PM to admit the first patient of the night and then doing a write-up to present on rounds the next morning.)

5:15 — I start my note on my patient.

6:30 — Finish the note, find the night float resident, who sends me home.  Stop by Radio Shack on the way to get batteries for my pager.  People treat you real nice when you’re in a white coat!

7:00 — Arrive home, shower to wash off the MRSA and whatever else might be lurking on me.

7:30 — Dinner (PB&J) while looking up my patient’s illness.

8:30 — Read a little of Blueprints Neurology.

9:30 — Switch to Neurology On Call.

10:00 — Totally exhausted, ready for bed like the old lady I am.


2 thoughts on “My first day

  1. Sounds like you’ve had an awesome day. =)
    I can’t wait until next year when I get to do the same thing. Hopefully…lol

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