Thank god for the Internet, because apart from my parents and brother, I have not spoken to another human being in 30 days.  I did go to the mall a few weeks ago to buy a dress for my Transition Ceremony, but I nearly had a nervous breakdown with all the LIGHTS and PEOPLE and STROLLERS OF DEATH. (Apparently, my hometown is responding to the economic downturn by making babies.  Whatever works.)

Back when I was thinking about when to schedule this test, a few upperclassmen friends told me to take it “as early as possible, because you will burn out.”  I figured it would take at least a month to review two years’ worth of material.  (Not to mention learning biochem from scratch, because my school doesn’t teach it, wtf?) This was overkill.  I wish I had taken the exam early last week, because right now I’m pretty much just trying to kill time before Thursday.  I don’t particularly care what I get anymore — so long as it’s passing — I just want this to be over with.  In just a few days, it will be, and then I’ll be off on a much-deserved vacation.

Anyway, today is my incredibly belated birthday celebration with my family.  My mother baked my favorite cake, and now they are all watching a movie in the basement while I review QBank procrastinate by blogging.


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