Apples and oranges

A couple of days ago, a class prank email was sent out, suggesting that we all set our cell phone alarms to go off at the same time in the middle of the last exam.  That idea was nixed in favor of a much better one: bring an apple for the teacher course director.

About five minutes before the exam started, one person went up and handed in his apple.  He got a funny look and our course director went back to setting out the exams.  Then more and more people came up with their pieces of fruit, and he got it and started laughing most adorably.  Some people couldn’t get an apple, or were a little more creative, so there was a fair showing of bananas and oranges, a bottle of apple juice, two pineapples, and a turnip.

All in all, a wonderful end to a wonderful — if intense — two years.

One thought on “Apples and oranges

  1. I know its 2011 and im reading something from 2009 but im really excited. You were practically done for the second year and things start to get more and more real. 🙂 I just wish i get a chance for all of this.

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