Last one!

I am taking a study break from my LAST REAL EXAM of med school.*  How did that happen?

I did some math and figured that I need somewhere around a 60% to pass pathophysiology and an 18% to pass pharm.  So why am I still studying?  I ought to clean my apartment; a friend stopped by earlier this afternoon and was like “DUST!” Yes, indeed.  Not to mention the piles of books all over my floor, and the sinkful of dishes I only did because I had run out of coffee mugs.  (Mmmm coffee.  How do people live without it?)

There is a post-exam (and post-second year) dinner planned for tomorrow night.  By noon, the group was 10 people, so I called and made a reservation for 12, just in case more showed up.  But all afternoon, the emails and phone calls have been flooding in; we are now up to 20!  This restaurant is either going to love us or hate us.  Whatever, there’s a recession, and who eats out on a Wednesday night anyhow?

*Ok, yeah, I have the boards, and the shelfs.  But those are national standardized exams and presumably test material relevant to the practice of medicine and surgery.  As opposed to the last two years, which have been all about what any particular lecturer is researching.  It’s cute to see old guys get so worked up about ion channels, but seriously? I’m ready for the real world.

2 thoughts on “Last one!

  1. Yeah, I totally feel you on that! Board exams are amazing. That whole testing general knowledge vs. memorization of a prof’s research. Right now I’m knee deep in studying for STEP 1 since we have to take it by the time our 3rd year starts in June. Good luck with your shelves, and good luck with the last test! It’s an awesome feeling to be DONE, isn’t it?

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