MS-2 · Step 1

The hundred days

I have a date!  Not the exciting “dress up and go to a fancy restaurant” kind*, but a date for that Jabberwock of a Boards exam.  June 11.  Which gives me 100 days exactly to whip myself into shape and (re)learn the last two years’ worth of material.

I’ve made a tentative schedule starting in May, when second year exams finish.  I want to get at least a little studying done over spring break, mainly along the lines of biochemistry, which I majored in, back in the day, but haven’t looked at since.  (My first-year course directors were like “Biochem? Screw that.  Let’s teach you more anatomy instead!”  Well done, first-year course directors.)

I don’t know.  There’s no denying that this is going to be tough, but now that I’ve got a date and a schedule and some direction, it feels a lot more doable. Go go gadget boards study!

* There’s going to be some of that, too, for post-exam.  One of the third years advised making big plans for the night of the exam, so that you have something to look forward to.  So I’m going to round up as many of my friends as possible and plan for a fancy-schmancy dinner somewhere in the city.  It’ll be good with a capital Fantastic.

4 thoughts on “The hundred days

    1. I have my schedule as a Google Calendar, but I can’t figure out how to embed it in WordPress. But basically, I went through First Aid and tried to devote about 2-3 full days to each chapter, depending on how comfortable I feel.

  1. yay for having a date!

    also, thanks for the tip to do something BIG the night of the exam…i may try to convince my boyfriend to take me out to some fancy place…

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