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And the Razzie goes to…

I just sat through the two worst lectures of medical school.  They were supposed to be on diabetes, which everyone was excited to finally be learning about. Then the first lecturer spent half her alloted time telling us that diabetes is important and the other half telling us about experimental treatments.  No mention of what actually is wrong with diabetics.  We should have gotten the hint when her lecture was titled “Diabetes Update 2009.”  Also, the slides she showed did not match at all with the provided slide handout — the cardinal sin as far as medical students are concerned.

Then the second lecturer, assuming that we had just had a decent introduction to the pathophysiology of the disease, jumped straight into the potential sequelae, such as ketoacidosis.  His lecture was not bad in itself, except he talked too fast and didn’t have slides at all.

So yeah.  My knowledge of diabetes after this morning is still limited to what I remember of Stacy in The Babysitters Club.  Fail.


4 thoughts on “And the Razzie goes to…

  1. As an intern, I now believe I didn’t learn jack crap until 3rd year, and really not much until six months ago. The lectures I got were a waste of time. Good thing I skipped half of them. It’ll be all right.

    The biggest things I know about diabetics–they heal like crap, they can’t feel their MIs, and you always want to know if your patient is one because it makes everything else worse.

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