MS-2 · Step 1

It’s done

I finally got my act together and sent in my application to take Step 1.

Now for the really difficult part: deciding where I want to take it (New York or my hometown) and deciding WHEN I want to take it.  I’m thinking mid-June, so as to give myself a couple of weeks off before third year starts and I disappear into the hospital forever ‘n’ ever.

Basically, I am the most indecisive medical student in the world.  I can’t even pick a place to study for my pulm exam on Monday; how’m I going to make it through Boards?  Answer: lots of coffee.  And Richard Curtis movies.  And more coffee.  My organic lab professor in college taught us how to free-base caffeine (and sundry other alkaloids).  Who knew orgo lab might come in useful some day?


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