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Study buddy

L: i wonder if i knew med school was like this, whether i would be that enthusiastic in interviews.

We are gearing up for an exam double-header next week, and I’m finally confronting the fact that I have no clue what’s going on with the heart.  Especially pharmacologically.  Apparently all the antiarrhythmic drugs carry a significant risk of … arrhythmia.  I don’t know about you, but I’d rather deal with a little sinus tachycardia than torsades de pointes.

Back in college, I used to be able to disappear into the library on my own, with just my notes and my iPod, and study for hours at a time.  Lately, though, I’ve noticed that I’ve become weirdly co-dependent when it comes to studying.  Unless my friends are there, I can’t concentrate.  It’s a little like my newfound difficulty studying at home.  I suppose all that means is that I should stay here for boards study instead of going back to my hometown.  (Mmm, boards.  I should register for those sometime soon….)

Actually, I’m really looking forward to when boards are done, and we move into the hospital full-time. After 19 and a half years of the same old, I’m just done with the classroom for a bit.


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