classes · MS-2

Back to the daily grind

The first few days back after a break are always the hardest, but things are finally settling down into some semblance of routine.  Lectures have been decent, although I’m shocked at how little I remember from last year.  Cardiac physiology was probably the most difficult block of first year for me, and the pathophysiology is more interesting but somewhat overwhelming.  I have to put in a lot more hours into going over lectures than I used to, but at least everything is logical.  After all, the heart is nothing more than a glorified pump and cardiologists well-paid mechanics.

I admit, it’s been difficult at times to stay focused.  I’m battling a head cold, and between the sinus pressure and first-generation antihistamines (oops!), I am just way too distracted.  For instance, I spent nearly an hour this afternoon with my textbook open but actually reading Anne of Green Gables online.  (Specifically, the section where Anne gets caught reading Ben-Hur in school.  Because I’m meta like that.)  Been drinking coffee after dinner to stay up and study, but I’m always asleep by midnight no matter what.  I think this means that I’m officially an old lady.


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