Yes, I am alive

Just returned from a wonderful vacation abroad.  It’s a little odd to spend Christmas in the tropics, but I’ve lost the library pallor — for now.

The other good thing about being on break is that I’ve started watching House again.  I thought the first and second seasons were great, but after the X-Files-themed episode in the third season (there may actually have been aliens; I don’t remember), it all seemed to go downhill.  Still, my roommate and I would watch every week and get a sort of grim satisfaction out of snarking at the general ludicrousness of the show.  I like to knit while watching TV — if I don’t keep my hands busy, I’ll start snacking — and the whole thing got a little too Mme. Defarge for comfort.

The new season is not so bad, but I’ll refrain from passing judgment until I get caught up.  Four episodes to go, so thank goodness for online episode players. (Totally legal, I assure you.  Right.)  Television sets are so 20th century, don’t you think?

One thought on “Yes, I am alive

  1. I’ve just started watching House for the first time (I am generally immune to normal TV trends) and am horrified and totally entertained by the, as you say, general ludicrousness that abounds. That’s just what makes me watch it every time my Hulu account tells me there’s a new episode.

    Glad you had a good holiday!

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