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Nothin’ but neuro

I’ve gone underground for a while.  We finished our last exam block during the week after Thanksgiving, and since then, we’ve been doing all neuropathology, all the time.  Four hours of the SAME THING every day is intense; the exam is tomorrow; and then I’m on break for two glorious weeks.

Neuro’s been fun.  We finish every small group with a clinical case, which is easily the best part of the course.    The pathology stuff — staring at slides for hours at a time — is what I have trouble with.  What exactly is a perivascular pseudorosette, anyway, and how is it different from a whorl? It’s a little like making constellations out of all the little sparkles in the night sky. I have much respect for pathologists, who are charged with figuring this stuff out.  Perhaps I should do a Mary Poppins and turn the chore into a game.  Where’s Waldo?

Alright, back to work.  Go go gadget neuropathology atlas!


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