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HM and AV

Patient HM died today.  The NYT has a nice summary of his life and contribution to science.  Sad story, but so fascinating.  I think the best “Neuro is weird” tale is of Phineas Gage, the railway worker who ended up with a spike through his head — and lived.

In totally unrelated news, I am pretty sure that there is a poltergeist or goblin hanging out in the second-year lecture hall.  Every day, the audiovisual equipment breaks down.  The best was during our psychiatry exam: we were supposed to do a write-up on a videotaped patient interview, but the video was at first inaudible. The write-up would have been very short: “Patient mumbles for half an hour.  Diagnosis: speech disorder not otherwise specified.”  Sweet.

(But then they got the sound working, and we had to actually pay attention.)


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