D is the new C

Actual question on my exam:

You are interviewing a 46 year old patient who tells you that her father died of age 48 of unknown causes.  Which of the following is your patient most likely to die of?

A. Cancer
B. Myocardial infarction
C. Infection
D. Bludgeoning by a frustrated medical student.

This was almost as good as the picture of a single eye, captioned “Is the patient: (a) a woman; (b) over 70; (c) both; or (d) neither?

I want a break.


2 thoughts on “D is the new C

  1. ooh i hate those questions! i also hate the obscure “i only mentioned this for 2 seconds in class but have a whole series of questions devoted to the topic” sorts of questions…alas!

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