Examined a patient for the first time last week.  We were in pairs, practicing the HEENT exam (head, eyes, ears, neck, and throat).  I probably blinded the poor woman with my opthalmascope.  You also have to get really up in a person’s face to see anything, which is slightly intense.  And the thyroid exam involves standing behind the patient and wrapping your hands around their throat, Jack-the-Ripper style.  Of course you explain it to them first, but it’s slightly disconcerting for me, and I can’t imagine what the patient must be thinking.

I do really like having a little kit of Doctor Supplies, though.  Even if I have no idea how to use any of them.  And they add about five pounds to my white coat. Things kept falling out of the pockets. Seriously, how do people carry this stuff without leaving a little trail around the hospital like Hansel and Gretl?


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  1. From my limited observations, I think people stop carrying all that stuff around once they gain a little authority. You can always count on the med students to have all of it, so why tote it around yourself?

    I do quite like your Hansel and Gretl analogy – excellent.

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