Horses and zebras

During the break between morning classes:

Me: Ow, my neck hurts.  Must have slept funny.
Friend 1: Do you have mono?
Friend 2: Rheumatic fever?
Friend 3: Tetanus?
Me: Thanks, guys.  I appreciate your evident pleasure in my imminent demise.

(Also, I just have to say, that picture of a cross-bred horzebra is possibly the most disturbing thing I have seen in a while.  And I am in medical school.)


2 thoughts on “Horses and zebras

  1. I had someone try to accuse me of an abnormal jaw jerk reflex and an upper motor neuron lesion. (Think was her crappy examination frankly).

    But tonight while practising OSCEs some friends confirmed my suspicions and said that my thyroid did have a Hashimoto’s type rubberiness…

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