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Study space

Finding a good place to study has becoming more and more of an issue of late, as Krazy Konstruction Workers of NYC have led a largely successful coup d’état on the medical school library.  So I’m sitting in the library of the education school at the undergrad campus; every time I come here, I am awed by the sheer luxury of the place.  In addition to the usual long tables and ergonomic highback chairs, there are about a dozen armchairs with granite-inlaid occasional tables.  Cherry wood bookcases.  Twenty foot ceilings.  One of the other floors has nothing BUT armchairs, each of which has a cupholder and moveable desk.

Whichever alum paid for all this: send me an email with your bank account information.  I know a Nigerian prince in desperate need of some petty cash.  You will be handsomely rewarded!!!111!

(And by Nigerian prince, I mean, of course, starving med student.  Same thing, right?)

This envy-fest brought to you by utter boredom with pharmacology.


2 thoughts on “Study space

  1. I love the undergrad library here too, regardless of all the yappy undergrads. Good study spots are TREASURES!

    Hope the pharm exam went well. I hated pharm – good thing it’s not at all clinically relevant, right? Right?

  2. Yappy undergrads indeed! Although given that probably half my class was on the same floor as me, we probably contributed a few decibels to the general buzz.

    As for pharm … well, I survived. Mostly I’m just impressed with YOU: juggling a new baby and still finding time not only to blog but to comment as well. P.S. Colin is adorable in his pictures.

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