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The past week was incredibly draining, intellectually and emotionally, and I spent the entire weekend indoors, studying.  I did accomplish a lot and mostly caught up on everything I’d ignored before, but about halfway through this morning’s second lecture, it all hit me at once and I crashed very hard.

The Jabberwock of the moment is pharmacology.  Too many drugs, too many mechanisms, way too many side effects.  The best way to attack it would probably be to understand it, but that seems too complicated.  I may just go for flashcards.

In happier news, my ophthalmoscope arrived!  I can’t wait to try it out on an unsuspecting classmate.


2 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. I got one off Amazon; the manufacturer is R.A. Bock Diagnostics. It’s not fancy, but it should be good enough for learning. And it was several hundred dollars cheaper than the cheapest one they showed off in class.

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