The definition of quiet

You know what’s really annoying?

When you feel sick and miserable and haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a week and just a little bit stressed about your upcoming pathology exam and general Life Issues, so you decide to go to the quiet study lounge instead of outside to the library, and you find that the study lounge has been overrun by a group of first-years who evidently don’t know what “quiet” means.

Here’s a hint, firsties.  “Quiet study lounge” means whispers.  Indoor voices.  When you walk across the hardwood floor in heels, people should look up.  If you want to have a study group, go next door to the former cafe that has been transformed into … group study space!  Shocking concept!

EDIT: A soul braver than I asked them to keep it down.  They gave her the dirtiest look, then glanced around and realized that everyone else was quiet.  Let’s see how long their relative silence lasts.


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