Is that an ophthalmascope in your pocket…?

“They” want me to buy an ophthalmascope.  So a week ago, the nice men from Welch Allyn came by to give our class The Talk.

After the sales talk about the Importance of Ophthalmascopes, they let us play with the samples they had brought.  It was like being back in kindergarten when someone brings in a Brand New Toy and the entire class attacks it.  The pan-optic scope, especially, was popular.  It looks like a raygun from Duck Dodgers.

I tried it out on my friend, and it’s pretty cool. You can see a lot, which I gather is important for the fundoscopic exam. Although I have to say that if I were a patient and some nervous-looking stranger approached me with one of those, my first instinct would be to run away.  My second instinct would be to attempt to disarm them.  In both scenarios, the hapless med student loses out.

Accumulating doctor tools is expensive, but kind of fun.  They are tangible reminders that I am learning Things.  Like my several hundred pathology flashcards, except way, way cooler.


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