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Plus ça change

After a week of school, I have to say that I’m a little disappointed.  There were all these promises that second year was going to be all exciting and doctor-y, but really, nothing’s changed except the classroom location.  (Yes!  I no longer have to cross the Street of Death, where city buses and gypsy cabs — which my mom calls the Mafia-on-wheels — like to feint attack pedestrians.)

Just like last year, we have several hours of lecture a day, in which people with lots of letters after their names tell us Important Things.  The material’s still very basic-science oriented; they do throw in a disease or two from time to time, just to keep our attention.

Our child psychiatry lecture, in particular, was more of a child psychology lecture.  Blah blah Erickson Piaget.  On an intellectual, “all learning is good” level, I know it’s important, but I would much rather hear about ADHD and autism than the age at which a child will hunt for a hidden toy.

And don’t get me started on immunology.  Do I care about B and T cell combinatorial gene rearrangement, other than being aware that it exists?  Apparently, getting back into the groove of things is definitely an adjustment after this summer.

Yesterday, my path lab professor launched into a bit of a diatribe about how students always want to know what is “testable.”  For me, the motivation is not so much figuring out what is testable as figuring out what is applicable.  So far, I’m not really seeing a lot.  (Although I bet by the end of the month, I’ll look back and laugh at my naiveté.)

However!  It’s the weekend now, and I’m going on a picnic tomorrow, so things are looking up.


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