Ready to go

All moved in for another school year.  It’s kind of funny to see all the first-years traveling en masse for orientation events.  I remember the campus seeming confusing, especially the sheer number of corridors.  My undergrad was in a small college town with a very outdoorsy campus, even for the med school, so urban living is still very strange to me.  Especially after a summer spent with a literal forest in my backyard.  Here, my backyard is concrete and brick and steel.

At one of my interviews, at a different urban med school, the tour guide said something along the lines of “Yeah, you can go weeks without stepping outside” because of all the tunnels between buildings.  The school was in a nicer area of town, but I’d rather risk a mugging walking outside than hiding out in the tunnels like a subway rat.

It is good to be back.


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