This is just to say…

…that Montana is awesome.

I spent 10 days hiking around Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons.

Highlights included:
-Climbing to the very top of a snow-laden trail. (Snow! In August!)
-Elk grazing on the front lawn of our hotel.
-Being chased by an enraged mother bison. Those things can move.
-Old Faithful. The lady behind me asked a ranger if the ‘stremely accurate timing was “controlled by someone.”
-Huckleberry ice cream, which has replaced Canadian Maple Walnut as my Flavor of the Month.
-“Caulk your wagons and float” down the Snake River. Ah, the postmodern pastiche of comparing a real-life experience to a twenty-year-old computer game.
-Generating all the Vitamin D I’ll need to tide me over for another year of living in the library. (Almost literally! The second-year classroom is on the fourth floor of said library, and my room is across the street. Hey, at least the commute is non-existent.)


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